Tuesday, 23 August 2011

drama is never too far away

just as i thought, another accusiation, yup, little old innocent me, gets blamed for laying one on her boyfriend... thanks a bunch MATE.

life as a teenager is hard, we have constant pressures from friends, parents and people who think they rule your life, we have to content with a social hyracy (which may i add does exist in real life) and the whole "does this make my bum look big"

we are judged on what we wear, eat, how many facebook friends we have, the way we act, the way we gossip, the way hold our fucking posture.

lifes never easy. but one things for sure, i didnt touch your boyfriend.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Too Far To Go Back

Things arent easy atm, everyone is so fucking negitive, i dont like it at all. trying to sort out all this shit is harder than i thought, i'm trying to help you and all your doing is making it worse on yourself!

i know you need her atm, i understand that, she's your lifeline, but you dont need to be doing the things your doing, your hurting the people around you, your (ex)bestfriend, your mates and even me, because i still have feelings for you.

you know you can do better, i know its usual for teenages to rebel, but you've taken it to far...

Thursday, 27 January 2011

positivity and optimisum.

Judging people for their actions is deffo something i dont do, i dont mean to sound self absorbed, but like the sugababes said...people are all the same, and we only get judged by what we do.
that isnt my only reason behind not judging people, its a what comes around, goes around thing, someone does something to someone thats very bad, they dont need people telling them how disapointed they are or how ashamed they are to call them their friends...they need someone to help them get out of the dark, guide them in the right direction and get them back to that place where they know they wont do that again.

positivity and optimisum, thats all they need

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Life through my eyes

Its only just starting to hit me how much i miss her, she was always there for me, was always there to cheer me up through the worst and make me smile. like before, she's moved away to the otherside of the world and i have no one left to confide in..

i have to admitt i do adore my mates, but you were the one who i could fully trust with my whole heart, you were the one who kept me afloat in the stormy, we were always faced with drama but nothing could bring us down.

we were there for each other through thick and thin and your friendship can last distance and time. i hate the fact that you live so far away, relationships are better being close to the heart.

its hard a the moment because i have lost my person to talk to when thing get rough, at the moment i really need you, you always give me confidince and reasure me that i'm doing the right thing. i dont know what to do, i'm completely lost.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

paranoid of my own thoughts

Last month...

1: thinking about you doesn't make it any better, just makes me miss you more.

2: even looking at the keyboard makes me think of us because u & i are together.

3: i know i should forget, but no matter how much i try, you always seem to pop back into my head.

4: i know you dont feel the same way.

5: i said i love you.

Present time...

1: you took me for graunted.

2: cheaters never get anywhere.

3: still friends

4: still smiling

5: maybe still loved me

Thursday, 13 January 2011

4 months ago

Kinda looking forward to going home, i love england, but i also love my girls, friends and family and i miss them all terribly. 12 days till i'm back on kiwi soil..cant wait to sleep in my own bed, use my own toilet and catch up with all my wonderful friends, not  to mention finish watching season 2 of gossip girl (: i love it.

the only thing i'm not looking forward to is all the drama again, though i never really escaped it coming to the other side of  the world. as my group of friends is rather large, lots of issues come up.

i try not to be the centre of it, but it doesnt stop others getting acused of being gay, cheating on their girlfiends and dating friends ex's.

i liked the way my friends acted when we first met almost 4 months ago, biggg group outings to the beach, huge day trips and every friday was spent in the confinds of life church for revolution. although drama was stil happening there and people were getting acused of hitting on peoples other halfs and cheating, which  means not much has changed.

now, about four months on, there is no more group daays, everyone is torn apart by lies, scandel, obsessive drug and alchol abuse.

i miss those days 4 months ago

English Observations...so far

whilst being in england...i have made some observations, the english are funny people. although my blog is called sweet little lies, nothing about these observations are lies as i saw them with my own eyes...

1. Compared to new zealand, more men shop in the supermarkets, which could mean three things...1 there is more single males in england or 2 their wifes are too bossy or 3 english men arent sexist.

2 you cant buy pumkin or pumpkin products in english supermarkets...i asked my cousin why they dont eat pumpkin, she didnt know what it was, i drew her a pic and she told me she never tried it and they only have them at halloween. what a shame, i was really looking forward to pumpkin soup :(

3. wetherby, the village i'm staying in, has too many card shops for my liking, its obsessive almost. for such a small village, why so many freakn card shops haha.

4. english have a thing with meer cats..you always see stufffed animals, china and other odd things that are meer cats....talk about an obsession.

5 the toliet water goes the the oppisite way around the bowl, noticed  one day after doing my  buisness, its odd, dont understand why all counties cant have the water goinng the same way!